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About Cowboy Action Shooting

EQUIPMENT AND DRESS: Eye and ear protection, 2 single-action pistols in .32-20 caliber or larger, 1 lever-action or pump-action rifle in a pistol caliber of .25-20 caliber or larger, 1 side-by-side shotgun or pre-1899 pump or lever-action shotgun (no automatic ejectors), period-appropriate holsters and shotgun belt.

AMMUNITION: 60 rounds pistol, 60 rounds rifle (lead bullets only, no gas checks, magnums or jacketed), 25+ rounds shotgun (low velocity) #5 lead shot or smaller.

DRESS: Must dress in Cowboy attire: for more details regarding equipment, attire and shooting categories please view the SASS website at
​First time shooters are not required to dress in full cowboy attire. We just want you to come and try cowboy shooting. Once you give it a try, you'll be back for more.

SUMMARY AND COURSE OF FIRE: At least 6 timed scenarios are used at every event. A typical stage would consist of 1-10 pistol targets, 1-10 rifle targets, and 2-6 shotgun targets. Each stage will vary according to the scenario. Targets are generous sized and set at recommended SASS distances.  Each miss will add 5 seconds to your time. If you shoot the scenario out of order you will be penalized 10 seconds. If you hit a bonus target your time will be decreased by 10 seconds. Shotgun targets are usually of a knockdown variety.

RESHOOT POLICY:  We allow one reshoot per stage and two per match for gun or ammunition failures only.

All SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) rules apply.

About our Range
Stoney Bottom was built from the love and sweat of many of our Cowboys!    Our facility has lots of parking available with a convenient location to our range.   (Less than 50 Feet away)  We are on a flat surface with plenty of drainage so you don't have to worry about mudding up your Cowboy Boots!   We also have a covered Pavilion with picnic tables for those of you who want to bring the whole family along.    We have plenty of trees that provide us with nice shade in the summer.    Come step back in time with us for a day of fun,  Cowboy Action Shooting at our little town of Stoney Bottom!     See you at the Shoot!